high, high birdie (candycane_rix) wrote in waldensucks,
high, high birdie


Ahh, hello, (: 'Suppose an introduction is due.

I find myself as a romantic at heart, with naturalistic ideals on the side.
So, going into Walden, I remembered something an old history teacher said to me...

Its really boring. Who cares about a spider walking across the grass. But when you grow (aka, college days) you start to appreciate Walden.

It which I say, fat chance. Walden was everything I expected of it. Boring, drawn on, and totally not worth all the jibber-jabber everyone gives it.

Yes, I also have a little

You always drawled on about simplicity, simplicity, simplicity,
Yet in your writing… simplicity I did not see.
You had ants at war, with frilly metaphors.
Pages and pages of a pig on hiatus,
And I couldn’t help but think to myself:
“I really hate this.”

Oh Advil could not cure
The aftermath of listening to you
Complain about taxes for the war.
A night in jail, until someone else paid your bail.
Where you scarred? Did you get a hideous bruise?
No, you imagined a Rhine Cruise.

A Zen temple, has monks in life dedication,
And yet their praise is nothing
Compared to your 2 year, 2 month, 2 day vacation.

for you.
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