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"ok. i have some ranting to do about the demonic book entitled "Walden Two" and i felt this was the best place to do it.
i knew i would hate this book the moment i heard the title. i have conclusively concluded that nothing with "walden" in the title can be a good thing. and thus began my odyssey of torture. most unfortunately, the first few chapters of the book were the best simply because i felt the possibility that maybe this sequel to the book from hell might not be as bad. i hoped it might actually turn out ok. my temporary optimism was quickly diminished as the book took a turn to the world of eternal drone. all they did the entire book was talk! nothing happened! it was oddly reminiscent of thoreau's original work, except that this was a fictional account (thank god).

as i forced myself to slave away at this sorry excuse for a novel i began to feel more like i was taking a museum tour. towards the end, i once again felt the potential for an interesting read. skinner presented many very controversial issues but failed to keep my attention on the monotonous dialogues of his main characters. but the most upsetting part of the book by far was the end scene. as he is sitting in the train station miles away from walden two and ready to go back home, the narrator suddenly realizes, in a forced moment of revelation, that he must go back to walden two and join the community! not only does he suddenly come to this decision without any real reason but he finds a copy of thoreau's walden in some little shop.

oh my god, what a sign! can you say corny? and then, the little bitch quotes the damn thing! i had enough of thoreau last year to last me three lifetimes, and i don't want to read any part of his pointless, meandering hypocrisy ever again. and it doesn't end there. because our narrator suddenly becomes righteous and decides that he cannot hitch a ride back to walden two, so he spends three days walking back for some vague spiritual reason. seriously, if the end of this book were a pizza it would be one with EXTRA CHEESE. the rest of the book is so lacking in substance that it doesn't even deserve an analogy. and just to add insult to injury, the book does not end there. and the author has the nerve to begin the last chapter with "i wanted to end my story there". yes you should have you pathetic excuse for a novelist!!! he goes on to waste another 4 or so pages which ultimately add nothing to the book.

the saddest part about all of this is that i still would have rather rea this book than the original walden. damn you bf skinner! and especially damn you henry david thoreau!! i swear i will go to your sacred woods and urinate in walden pond if it is the last thing i do!!!

thus endeth my walden two rant. now i can go on with my life"

that made my day - i luved reading this....

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complimwnts from amy's lj

"they should just move all the science classes outside. except that that would be too walden for my liking. but then we could talk on and on and on and on about ants and ponds and creepy old men that come to visit and basically in essence do nothing. geil would be so good at that. she kinda is like a large female scientific version of thoreau with a fake british accent. she talks on and on and on and on about crap we dont give a rats arse about. but at least the cartoons were vaguely amusing. she still made them kinda dull by explaining eeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything for 5 minutes each. she needs to learn the concept of brevity. cuz i cant pay attention otherwise. she should compensate for those of us with short attention spans (i.e. every single person in that oven of a classroom)."
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summer camp

i was searching through summer camps and i happened to come across this

Camp Walden
Diamond Point, New York

Quick Overview: Coed residential traditional camp established in 1931. Religious affiliation: Jewish. Accredited by American Camping Association. Ages: 6-16.

Application Deadline: Continuous.

Summer Contact:
Mrs. Renee Pitt
429 Trout Lake Road
Diamond Point, NY 12824
Phone: 518-644-9441
Fax: 518-644-2929

Winter Contact:
Mrs. Renee Pitt
PO Box 2640
Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: 407-523-1917
Fax: 775-535-6627

its a horseback riding camp
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dancingwolf420: theres a summer camp called camp walden
xo AdriaNazzY ox: POST IT
xo AdriaNazzY ox: NOW
xo AdriaNazzY ox: !!!!!!!!!!

haha i posting!

walden sucks
big time
so does the prince by macciaveli
its about how to rule a country with a king and whatnot
its boring
but i have to say
walden was a lot worse
i could read about 15-30 pages at a time
in walden i could barely read one

i hate walden

who does?
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Ahh, hello, (: 'Suppose an introduction is due.

I find myself as a romantic at heart, with naturalistic ideals on the side.
So, going into Walden, I remembered something an old history teacher said to me...

Its really boring. Who cares about a spider walking across the grass. But when you grow (aka, college days) you start to appreciate Walden.

It which I say, fat chance. Walden was everything I expected of it. Boring, drawn on, and totally not worth all the jibber-jabber everyone gives it.

Yes, I also have a little poemCollapse ) for you.